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NanoGloss Sealant with Carnauba Nanoparticles

NanoGloss Sealant with Carnauba Nanoparticles
  • Extra gloss and water-repelling paint sealant that contains nanoscale carnauba resins supported by scratch resistant and hydrophobic (water hating) nano particles crosslinked in a ceramic polymer matrix.
  • Ideal sealant for metallic flake or ceramic clear coats  that can benefit from further gloss, water repellency and greater ease of cleaning. 
  • Possess far superior coating chemistry than all other, silicone polymer based sealants.
  • Easy to apply: Simply rub on and wet-wipe clear with no powdery residue to remove.  
  • One step to micro-cleaning, polishing, enhancing and protecting at the nanoscale level.
  • Imparts an incredibly long-lasting shine that rivals the more expensive carnauba waxes with far greater staying power.
  • Provides durable, glossy protection supported from the bottom Up.
  • 100% water based, eco-friendly, and VOC (volatile organic compounds) free.
  • One (1) year guarantee of added paint gloss and protection in a single application.
  • Guaranty is extended to three (3) years when applied in conjunction with HyperPolish.
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NanoGloss is the most efficient, effective AND Eco-friendly way to provide your car's finish the glossy, durable benefits that come with Ceramic Polymer Nanotechnology.  CPN is superior coating chemistry to that of silicone, the basis of all other car care sealants and protectants.  Whether they  are described as containing "acrylic", "ptfe" or a made up fictional ingredient, all synthetic paint sealants utilize silicone as the binding agent in order to form a film of temporary protection and gloss. 

Although perhaps easy to use, the main disadvantage of silicone based sealants are their susceptibility to degrade upon exposure to UV rays, alkaline road grime, bird droppings, aggressive wash detergents and industrial pollutants like heavy deposits of "acid rain".  The result is a form of enhancement and protection that is spotty and short-lived.

In contrast, NanoGloss, like all Matrix Micro-Coatings car care coatings, is NOT silicone based and subject to early environmental degradation.  Rather, the micro-coating that NanoGloss forms with the surface is  characterized as ceramic like in nature.  That means the effects of UV and road grime, while degrading the bonds of silicone polymers, actually strengthens those of NanoGloss. The result is an increasingly glossy membrane of ceramic-like protection and enhancement of automotive paint finishes. This superior coating chemistry and the incorporated nanoparticles allows one application of NanoGloss to leave your car glossier and easier to clean for at least one (1) year, at which time, even more protection and gloss can be added with another application.

NanoGloss contains ceramic polymers  and solids that are all 100% nanoparticle size. In addition, the hydrophobic, glossy and scratch resistent nanoparticles are designed to crosslink with our proprietary coating resin to form the most durable, glossy and economical paint protectant on the market. Easy to apply, NanoGloss is simply wiped on the cleaned surface and then allowed to dry, during which time the nanoparticles assemble according to their most effecient arrangement.  Then the applied film is wiped down with a wetted microfiber wiper and polished dry to reveal a showroom shine with no powdery reside to remove.  
Along with scratch proof and water repelling nanoparticles, NanoGloss also contains at the nanoscale level the finest carnauba wax resins.  Characterized as the #1 and most pure type, the nanoscale carnauba wax is encapsulated by a ceramic polymeric resin to impart a shine  that can only be attained by the continuous application of expensive car waxes. A a semi-permanent carnauaba wax-like look is formed and preserved by a durable ceramic membrane in one easy application.

During application the nanoparticles, including nanoscale carnauba resins, assemble on the surface and within the polymer matrix to form an arrangement that utilizes the unique properties of scratch and grime resistance as well as those characteristic of carnauba wax, like gloss and color enhancement.  Because of the nanoscale size of the particles and carnauba resins, little if none of the sealant is transferred to the buffing cloth. These properties make NanoGloss the easiest to apply yet glossiest and most protective wax like coating for vehicle paint finishes.

The result is a protected and preserved shine with abrasion resistant, water and grime repelling nano particles cross-linked in a ceramic polymer matrix ... a shine that is achieved without relying on the use of VOC (volatile organic compounds) or environmentally impacting solvents, a shine that out lasts and out performs any comparably priced car wax or sealant on the market. Guaranteed!!

The NanoGloss coating kit includes:

  • 4 ounces of NanoGloss (3 ounces typically covers the paint on even a large car)
  • 4 ounces of Clean&Seal Deep Clean & Micro-Seal (not pictured) 
  • 1 microfiber applicator pad
  • 2 microfiber cloths
  • 1 Warranty card with a one (1) year money back guarantee of added paint gloss and protection*

* If your car's paint is not enhanced and protected for at least one (1) year from the date of purchase of NanoGloss then simply return the kit for a full refund on the purchase price.

** Additional Money back guarantee: An application on the applied coating of HyperPolish is guaranteed to maintain glossy protection of your car's clearcoat for a minimum of 3 years from the date of purchase.

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  • Guaranteed to outperform and out-last any similarly priced wax, polish, sealant, on the market with a minimum of one (1) year of added gloss and protection.
  • Guaranty is extended to three (3) years if applied in conjunction with either NanoGloss or Ceramic Polymer Sealant.
Our Price: US$24.95

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